Story Snippet – #24

Brandon witnessed this and he wasn’t fooled. “I’m sure that’s your handywork, Joe my good man.” Though words were a praise, his tone suggested they were dipped in the lake of sarcasm before being flung at his friend. ~~~a contemporary fantasy series Read more of my fictional (and non-fictional) work on my blog:

Fun Historical Facts About India!

Everybody in the ancient world knew about the natural numbers - 1 to 100. Even the Romans came up with symbols for them - I to C. But it was Aryabhatta, an ancient Indian mathematician, who invented and implemented the concept of "Zero", the most useful one that the entire world uses even to-day! The... Continue Reading →

Story Snippet – #23

Her mouth set in a grim line. “I know your mother wouldn’t… she had always thought herself to be too good for all of us. But your father… He wielded the Celestia, didn’t he?” The young girl suddenly rose to her feet and raised her right arm high in the air. “Celestia, venio!” A blast... Continue Reading →

Did You Know…? The French Revolution

What is a revolution?  Perhaps readers with Science background would reply that the course of the Earth around the Sun is called a revolution. However, in History, the term takes on a whole different meaning. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a revolution as “a sudden, radical, or complete change” and “a fundamental change in political organization”.... Continue Reading →

A Brand New World

A brand new environment, A brand new world I discovered— New concepts, new ways of thinking, Ones I've never thought of before. It's a privilege to be in, A chance to test my knowledge and patience, Try my best with younglings – Annoying but charming – It's a new experience At the right moment in... Continue Reading →

Story Snippet – #22

“Find your friend as fast as you can. Calamity is coming in the unforeseeable future – I can sense it. It’s already been prophesied. It will come… and when it does, you have to be with your friend and be ready, both of you. And the rest of your friends. Your generation has been rewarded... Continue Reading →

The Day of Solemn Promises

What a day it is to-day! – A great and auspicious day! – A day that was the very symbol Of freedom Of our predecessors, our neighbours, And our country! What a day it is to-day! – A day when the Constitution was revealed to the world – A day that was the very symbol... Continue Reading →

Stuck in Time

"Stuck in Time" started as a prompt related to a novella-writing contest that I eventually opted out of. I was writing the story as it came to me, without much of planning - which is usual for me - and it was taking time for ideas to strike. Plus, as it turned out, it ended... Continue Reading →

Story Snippet – #21

As she watched on, the boat slowly made its way to the shore. Her keen eyes made out the figures just with the moonlight shining in the sky: two women and two men in the first boat; three men and a woman in the other. Order your copy of The Lost Fable now!  

Newsletter Subscription

I finally got around to start my newsletter officially in December 2022 and made the annoucement on my social media platforms. I released my second newsletter this January, with a promise of a follow-up that would contain excerpts from my completed and ongoing manuscripts. Here is the link to subscribe to my newsletter. After over... Continue Reading →

Story Snippet – #19

About a couple of hours later, the others began to stir and two other soldiers volunteered to take Javia Ranis’s place. “Javia, do you know where Lady Yuri is?” asked Yor, standing up and stretching his body that was now taut because of hours of sitting in the same position. “Yes. She went to have... Continue Reading →

Being A Teacher

Recently, I joined a BEd course near our house and the classes began last week. "BEd" stands for "Bachelor of Education"; people who want to become teachers should mandatoriloy complete training as teachers here. I decided to become a teacher due to my first paid job and because of financial purposes, too. Its serves both... Continue Reading →

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